Harley ride to Nandi Hills

An unexpected to trip to an expected destination. A dream come true is all I can say about my first ever road trip on bike. Bike rides have always fascinated me since childhood and this time it was Harley Davidson Street 750. It was more like living up a fantasy in a day…

The previous night as I was returning back from office I had this plan in my mind that we should be going to Nandi Hills to see the early sunrise but I was not sure if I would find people to accompany me. Anyway it had been a hectic routine since a long time for me and my family.

Like we say, “it was more like all work and no play“.

So I called up my cousin to discuss the same and he asked me if we could go for a bike trip. There wasn’t any chance of me saying “no”. So it was a complete “win win” situation. Then he suggested me about the wickedride.com, they provide luxury bikes on a reasonable fare. The bike was a beauty and I fell in love with it. It was past 8 and we still managed to get the bike with last minute booking and I really appreciate that. Anyone looking for bike rentals should give a try here. A big thank you to wickedride.com for making this trip as wonderful as it could be.

I have always believed that only sudden plans actually workout and today it got proved again. We can plan a trip but never decide the dates because the execution time is never in our hands. This was a long term plan which every one of us had in our minds but the time was never right.

So we all started off around 4 a.m and reached there before sunrise but because of the clouds we couldn’t see it. But that didn’t disappoint us much as the journey was what actually mattered to us.

As we were speeding up, the cold breeze brushed over my curls running away from my cheeks making it blush. To make me feel even more perfect, it started to drizzle. Mountain rains are the prettiest and I totally love them.It’s true that all it takes to be happy is that moment and this was my moment or may be I can say our moment for the day.

Beauty personified is the word I pondered over when I saw the clouds below us. But unfortunately we could not get the complete view as the fog covered up and it was way too misty all over again. Though we missed the sunrise as the fogs covered up everything it was still an amazing experience.

The moments I lived today is truly worth of treasure.

The amount of happiness indulged is ultimately a complete pleasure.




 “Count your blessings over the problems you face everyday because it’s worth it”




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