Nostalgic Destination – Bank of Nethravathi

We may take the memories out of us but memories will keep us with them forever and certain instances will make us realize that nothing has changed in real it’s just the curtain of time that hid everything within.

The beauty of this place is immense since the childhood days. Almost every old school summer holidays would end up playing in the banks of this beautiful Nethravathi river which is located just behind my Grandma’s house. Every summer the water level in the well would go down and we used to rush to the river for a refreshing bath and washing clothes on routine. When the elders engaged themselves in washing clothes we would enjoy every bit in the beauty of nature.

As kids this has been our favorite picnic spot for a regular outing especially during summer as I mentioned before. But as we grew and time passed the regularity started reducing. Those days every summer vacation used to be booked for this place but slowly things changed and priorities were built. The picnic parades were reduced as water problem also got resolved around our place. The daily summer visits turned out be a seldom visit with time.

No matter what, this place makes me all nostalgic. The recent visit here brought back all my old memories and filled my soul with happiness and peace. This place brings in a lot of peace in me and I realized this in my last visit with my brother, cousins and little niece. Among all of us my niece was the happiest one. This was her first visit to a river and she loved it.

I believe no matter how far you go and change your life, with time few things always remain with you and you cannot separate them. This place is one among those in my life.

Very few know about this place except the natives around. En-route Bangalore via Mangalore there is this village named Uppinangady and there resides this beautiful bank of river Nethravathi. It is partially covered with huge rocks  and green vegetation at certain points and you will also find various shaped white and black rocks in the sandy banks. This place is pretty safe as long as you don’t go deeper into the river end.

As part of extra information I would say this place is a complete no during rainy season. The reason is it would be close to impossible to get into the river as the water level gets too high and reaches the height of our ground level which is pretty high from the regular water level. If you have any plans of visiting this place it has a very easy access and you can see as you pass through NH-48. Uppinangady is not only the home for Nethravathi but also the river  Kumaradhara flows here and both rivers join at a point which is witnessed by hundreds of people here every year.


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