My Happy Place – Tannirbhavi Beach

Love for beaches has just grown with time. Being a person born and brought up around coastal region, beaches have always been my first love. This place in my native is one of the most favorite of all. The memories I have here are numerously amazing and cherishing. The Tannirbhavi beach is one of the trending spots in Mangalore for every age group of people. During weekends this place is filled with a lot of family groups. If you plan to visit on a weekday you will still find people here, as it is usually a hub for lovebirds and bunch of college groups who would bunk classes but wouldn’t mind sitting by the sea shore even if it’s hot. The place is beautifully set among huge swarm of windy trees and soft sand. So even on a summer day you can still feel the coastal breeze. A best place for a family picnic or a regular hang-out with friends. Even though the place seems a little isolated from the city buzz but your taste buds will not feel that lonely after all, as it will still find some yummy treats there. There are many stalls with mouth watering charmuris, pachoddi, gola and much more typical Mangalorean eateries to fulfill your food cravings which are pretty much pocket friendly.

This beach is located around 6 Km from Mangalore city and is a part of Arabian sea. From the city it can be reached by two different routes, either by land near Kuloor Bridge or you can take a ferry ride via Gurupuraย river from Sultan Batthery. Personally I prefer the ferry ride route as it has the most beautiful scenic view. This route has an old watch tower built by Tipu Sultan in the year 1784 at the location where you will be boarding the ferry. The ferry ride would cost you just 5 rupees and its available till 7.30 PM.

As part of my college days this used to be a regular spot. I used to hangout here with my friends very frequently. We
used to play games, celebrate birthdays, have pointless long conversations, so much of laughter and hell lot of memories. After we graduated everyone got busy with their career, family and so on. Hence we hardly visited this place like before. But recently when I was home for a weekend my family made sudden plans of visiting this place and I was super happy about this plan because every time I came home my first wish would be to sit by the sea shore but unfortunately I was never able to visit even once. Technically its been almost an year since I visited this place.

As we drove towards the beach all the old memories gushed over my mind and everything was like a motion picture in front of my eyes. The spots where we used to hang-out, The sand trails of our foot prints. The chaos of laughter. I could feel them ringing inside my thoughts. I felt refreshed and relaxed. As if I was totally in a different world of mine. I could feel the breeze touch my skin likeย  feathers of memories. It brought back the stories that remained untold for ages. The sandy trails reminded me of the good old times which will not be seen in the future ahead. Frames of time just flash-backed in front of me with crackles of laughter and pools of silly jokes. The jokes we cracked on each other andย  laughed till we were left breathless. A gush of emotions swelled up my heart making it happier like never before. This is why i call this place as my happy place. It feels very serene and calm to sit by the beach side, playing with sand, walking through the dribbles of tiny waves, writing your name on the wet sand and seeing it disappear by the soft touch of the wave frills.

Old times may not return but the place can still bring back the moments you lived there.

Best thing out of all this was that it was the first time I came here with my family. To increase the feel of excitement I had my little niece too. Her level of excitement was immeasurable and more than the water she loved sand and the tiny shells around her. The feeling of refreshment I could see among everyone with me. Mom and aunt had a good conversation sitting on the beach side bench as we were near the sea water drenching our feet in the tender waves. No pedicure can give you the feeling you get when you drench your feet in the salty warm water.




15 thoughts on “My Happy Place – Tannirbhavi Beach

  1. Indeed being in Mangalore fo 4 years was jus not able to go to dis place.. ๐Ÿ™‚ but ya yu have pen down it beautifully..๐Ÿ˜โœŒ Keep going.. All the very best darling ๐Ÿ˜˜

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  2. Hello Shama,
    I just loved your write-up. My love for beaches just got doubled up. Good to see tht even after the tiring n monotonous schedule of IT life you have come up with something so good and refreshing..Craving to have a holiday and visit this place. Keep up the good work.

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  3. Hi Shama,
    I just loved your write-up. My love for beaches just got doubled up. Good to see tht even after having the tiring and monotonous IT schedule you managed to come up with something so good and refreshing. Craving to have a holiday and visit this place. Keep up the good work. Keep writing more and more.

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