Random Plans At it’s Best – “Blossom Book Store”

People often consider travelling in public buses very hectic and tiring, I am one among them too but sometimes I do love taking buses around the city when I have ample time. Since a long while I have not taken buses around Bangalore as the cabs have become pretty much convenient and cheaper these days. So one weekend this thought came into my mind that I should actually check how much time consuming and pocket friendly are buses nowadays. Also I just love metro rides and it still fascinates me like I am a little girl. This may sound a little cliché for people who travel daily in a metro.

The outcome of this little experiment of mine was actually fruitful because I covered my total travel expense within Rs.110 and if I had taken a cab (even if it was a share) it would cost me atleast double of what I spent. To begin with I started from home on a random note without any particular plan in my mind. First I thought I would go for a MeetUp event in Koramangla and when I checked for the passes it was sold out. The event was basically a story telling kind of a thing about people’s travel stories. Anyways that got cancelled and there is no point sharing much details on that. Then I thought I would go to MG road and may be I can walk around the street, check some book stalls, exhibitions or stuffs like that. But the bus which directly goes there was nowhere to be seen and now I was not sure what I should be doing. Then I called up my cousin who also resides in Bangalore to check if he wants to join me but he sounded like he would just doze off right there, so I didn’t consider him anyway. Since I was tired waiting for the direct bus to M G road I thought I will take connecting buses. Hence I took a bus to Koramangla and for a while I also considered that I would sit in some cafe peacefully and write for a while. But that was just a thought because from there I changed my mind and took a bus to Indiranagar. It was nice to see the place after a very long time. There was a time when I visited Indiranagar everyday, specifically Tippasandra with my laptop as part of my internship in a start up. It was a fun experience overall though I was not even paid for the travel expenses. The whole journey reminded me of those days and my severe ankle sprain of course which actually made me quit the job there.

When I reached my stop, there was a KFC beside me, so I dropped in to grab a drink as I was totally dehydrated. As I entered, there were enough staffs but I seriously didn’t understand why those were struggling so badly just to pack a food parcel. I stood there like for about 15 minutes just to order a Mango Burst, their new range of so called summer specials. Trust me don’t even think of trying it, it was totally not worth the time and money. It was nothing but a typical mango slush. Luckily I ordered a mini and not the regular one else I would have definitely thrown up. Finally I took my cup of mango slush and left the place. I started walking towards the metro station which was about 200 meters away. I thought I would check where is  Ulsoor lake located so I got down in the next station. As I came out of the station I checked the distance for the lake and it was close to 2 KM. I was actually short of time to cover that distance walking as I had to leave back home early. So I checked with an autowala and as expected he spontaneously responded:

“Flat 60 rupees”.

I was like:

“Thank you bhaiyya, you may carry on all alone”.

Again my mind changed the plan and I got back to the station as I had nothing to do in Ulsoor. So by default my next destination was MG road since I was out of options plus time. After all the weirdness of situation I didn’t have to do much of thinking so I took a ticket for MG road and reached in about 10 minutes. I suddenly remembered about the old book store named “Select Book store” which was near brigade road so I decided to come out of the Church Street exit from metro station. I had actually read few blogs and reviews about that place, so I checked for the direction on Google map and started the navigation. It showed that the place was about 1.5 KM from my current spot. I started walking towards Brigade road and suddenly I saw a huge board – “Blossom Book House” located in a building just beside The Blue Frog (for people who haven’t heard about this place, it’s one of the popular pubs in Church Street). When I saw the board itself I realized the book store almost covers the whole floor. I took an elevator from basement and reached the first floor, sorry if I am wrong it could be second floor as well. I am a little doubtful about my memory at this point. As I came out of the elevator there was single door entrance and when I stepped in I actually got the feeling of entering a true wonderland of book lovers. You wouldn’t feel like coming out  from there if you are a bibliophile. You are just surrounded by books everywhere and it’s hard to explain how amazing that feels. The smell of them itself brings in an eternal happiness. They have almost every genre of books from career levels to languages and horror to humor. I checked all the sections possible within my prescribed time. I was a little disappointed about time and I didn’t feel like leaving that place just in 40 minutes. I actually enjoyed browsing through the old  books section (which were basically second hand) over the new ones. Whenever I see an old book I feel each of them have a story to tell individually. After a lot of walking around the store, browsing and checking a lot of books I finally picked around 4 of them. All of them were old ones with the bookish smell intact. Below are the books I picked from the lot:

  • Who’s that girl? by Alexandra Potter- Rs. 150
  • Organize Yourself by various authors collected by Reader’s Digest – Rs.100
  • Learn German In a Month by Ishwar Datt – Rs. 40
  • An Experiment With Time by J W Dunne – Rs. 150

Finally I ended up buying three books out of these i.e; first three from the above list. I avoided the last one because it would mess my mind with too much of thinking as I know myself very well. It was basically about dream reading,  it had explanations about the dreams you visualize when you are asleep. This would majorly push me into a little negativity as it is the human nature to get inclined more over the darker side than the brighter one. Hence I avoided that. I bought the remaining three with valid reasons for each of them:

  • Who’s that girl? – The description provided in the book cover sounded interesting hence I felt I should read this.
  • Organize Yourself – I read two pages from the book while I was walking around the book store and this seemed pretty effective and commanding. So I felt may be this could help me manage some time for everything I want to do in a day. I have been reading it since a week now and it seems pretty effective as expected. As a bonus its improving my vocabulary as well.
  • Learn German in a Month – On a random note my brother recently suggested that I should learn a foreign language, may be German. So when I saw the book I felt why not !

So after all the decision making I came up to the counter and purchased these books. The level of happiness of getting more books into your lot is totally a different feeling and all the book lovers would definitely understand that. So all the bibliophiles who are in Bangalore and haven’t visited this store then its worth a visit for sure.

I personally enjoy wandering within the city exploring places that I haven’t visited till date. It makes me feel content and also gives me some motivation to write my experiences. Not only that, but travelling on your own helps you come out of your comfort zone if you are not a people skilled person. I myself have lot of issues striking a conversation with strangers, I even avoid asking address details of the place I need to reach even if I am lost at times. The journey to come out of this little comfort zone is still on with a hope to break all barriers of my unwanted awkwardness and hesitance.

Sometimes the journey of life is not just about travelling places but it is about discovering yourself in every step you take….

Stay blessed and keep reading as much as you can because its worth it 🙂 🙂 🙂


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