A Piece of History – Al Bidya Masjid

The trip to UAE itself was a dream come true. I had never flown to a foreign country except for Nepal, which was more than 10 years back. Finally I was in Dubai living my dream. My happiness had no boundaries. We had already visited many places in Dubai and now only few days were left before our departure. My Jiju had mentioned about an old mosque in a small village of Fujairah so we were planning to leave early from home as it was a long drive. But as always we were still late and the sun was top head when we left home. The plan was to grab something on the way  as there was nothing en-route for a longer period. We stopped at a gas station just after we crossed the city and got a full tank. Also filled ourselves with some burgers and fries at Burger King. Back then Burger King had not reached India and it was something new for us. I was dead hungry and I ate my fill like a monster.

This beautiful mosque was built in the midst of a desert and this had a mesmerizing view as we got down from the car. The simplicity and the calmness of the place made it something out of the world. This monument was completely built by mud without any use of wood or metal and it still stands strong. It is believed to be the oldest mosque in UAE till date. As per the facts this was built in the 15th Century around 1446 AD. It is located amidst a small village in the emirate Fujairah.

The drive from Dubai to Fujairah itself was very beautiful. When we reached the city we could see the seashore on the right side as we drove for a long distance. Those crystal clear blue water sparkled under the summer sunshine which made it look like a post card picture. I was just quiet for a while and enjoyed the beauty around me. The combination of desert and beaches are definitely beautiful than one can actually imagine. The people who have already visited such places would definitely know what it feels like.

The best part of the mosque was that it  is still operating and has an Imaam there. This is not just a monument but still a house of worship which makes it even more divine. As we entered the mosque the interior felt so magical that even in the burning heat this place was so cool that we couldn’t believe that we are in the same location.

This place isn’t as famous as other places for a tourist visit but my Jiju [brother-in-law] took us here as he had been to this place before. I am totally thankful to him for taking us here. As a kid these historical places have always amazed me, it actually makes me think of the stories it must have carried along since ages. Though I have not been a fan of history in general but I would have definitely enjoyed history if they would take me to all the places mentioned in the textbooks. If that was possible history would be my favourite subject in school.

A universal truth nobody can deny is that people fade with time but these monuments keep those people alive within their walls of stories, it preserves the story which those people lived. A story which is purely non-fictitious and true. The place is well preserved and you can see a tiny but deep well as you enter the gate of the courtyard. There was a boat and few old fishing accessories as well kept beside the mosque. As a blessing we had few trees surrounding us which protected us from the scorching heat and gave us some shade. The most surprising thing out of all was a Kashmiri shop which sold their handicrafts and clothes. Hence proved Kashmiri handicrafts are available all over the world. As we walked through the elevation beside the entrance of the mosque there were two watch towers which had a very beautiful view. But sadly we could climb only till the first tower as everyone was tired. As we entered the tower we saw that it had a stair case to climb up, basically it was a two storied building. So along with my sister I climbed those stairs and we reached the top. The sun was too harsh but that couldn’t stop us from clicking photos.

The worst thing of all was no matter which part of the world you go you still find those weird people who scribble on these precious monuments. I don’t understand why don’t these people understand that writing their names here won’t make them immortals, technically it just destroys the immortality of the monuments. Most of the walls were scribbled with random names. It takes a lot of effort in maintaining these monuments but nobody actually understands such simple vision. I actually want to kindly request everyone who is reading this –

Please do not scribble on any such walls of historical monuments, it doesn’t make it any better instead spoils the beauty of it.

As an individual I love travelling and most of my travel stories are with my family. Hence having a vacation with family has always been fun as they mean the world to me.

No matter where success takes us the only root reminds us of our real existence is our family.

We stayed there for a while and before leaving we finished our prayers too. It felt great to be there and indulge in the aura of history. Honestly this place is a must visit for any person who loves visiting historical monuments.



15 thoughts on “A Piece of History – Al Bidya Masjid

  1. Ohh wonderfully explained ur visit 😍 Shama keep going with such beautiful articles so that we wont regret of not reading it darling 😘 😛😇

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